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European Network for Social Intelligence

Grupo de Trabajo "Socio-technical epistemology" (WG4)


Collective forms of use of ICT will have a deep impact on the way we socially acquire, maintain and distribute reliable knowledge. To address this issue, the general goals of WG3 are

  • to stimulate and coordinate interdisciplinary research aimed at analysing and describing social processes and procedures that support the generation, acquisition and transmission of reliable knowledge, and
  • to identify general principles for the desgin of future socio-technical infrastructures that promote the acquisition of reliable beliefs and knowledge. Some sample topics that are relevant for this WG are:
  • Reliable communication in socio-technical systems
  • Social reality as both the product of the agents' beliefs and an object of cognition
  • Argumentation in socio-technical systems
  • Opinion dynamics and social networks (the dynamics of epistemic agreement)
  • Interactive epistemology in socio-technical systems
  • Emergence of epistemic authority in social networks
  • Privacy as a social epistemic norm
  • Procedures to aggregate beliefs and judgments in socio-technical systems
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