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DeLanda, M., Emergence, Causality and Realism (2011)

en The Speculative Turn, Continental Materialism and Realism, Bryant, Srnicek, Harman (eds), re.press Melbourne, 2011

Disponible online: re-press.org

In ‘Emergence, Causality, and Realism’, Manuel DeLanda wades into debates surrounding emergence, proposing a non-mystical account of emergent systems based on singularities, attractors, and the virtual. Contesting the classical causal thesis that ‘one cause implies one effect, always’, DeLanda shows how sensitivity to initial conditions, coupled with interrelations between singularities, generate a host of non-linear phenomena and emergent properties. As a consequence of this analysis, DeLanda proposes an account of being that seeks to investigate the virtual dimension of phenomena or the powers locked within objects.

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