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filosofias.es - Investigación Filosófica Contemporánea

«La filosofía como atrevimiento conceptual para describir lo que aún no podemos detectar pone en marcha la posibilidad de la ciencia»


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The New Atlantis he New Atlantis (1627) was the title Francis Bacon selected for his fable of a society living with the benefits and challenges of advanced science and technology. Bacon, a founder and champion of modern science, sought not only to highlight the potential of technology to improve human life, but also to foresee some of the social, moral, and political difficulties that confront a society shaped by the great scientific enterprise. His book offers no obvious answers; perhaps it seduces more than it warns. But the tale also hints at some of the dilemmas that arise with the ability to remake and reconfigure the natural world: governing science, so that it might flourish freely without destroying or dehumanizing us, and understanding the effect of technology on human life, human aspiration, and the human good. To a great extent, we live in the world Bacon imagined, and now we must find a way to live well with both its burdens and its blessings. This very challenge, which now confronts our own society most forcefully, is the focus of this journal.
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The Philosophers' Magazine We publish philosophy that’s clear, thought-provoking, and relevant. Our contributors are mainly professional philosophers who care about good writing and about being understood. ISSN 1354-814X (print); 2048-4674 (web)

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