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Kent. D. Palmer


Kent Duane Palmer, Ph.D. is primarily philosopher. As a philosopher his main emphasis has been on ontology and how new things come into existence. He is currently working to develop a non-dual philosophy under the rubric of Social Phenomenology. His latest project concerns the social extension of autopoietic theory.

He makes his living as a Systems and Software Engineering Technologist and Researcher for a major aerospace firm. He received this B.Sc. in Sociology and East Asian Studies from the University of Kansas, USA and a Ph.D. in Sociology from London School of Economics, University of London, UK. His dissertation title was THE STRUCTURE OF THEORETICAL SYSTEMS IN RELATION TO EMERGENCE which concerned how new things come into existence within the Western scientific tradition. He had been engaged in Work Process Engineering for the several years studying Software Engineering and Systems Engineering work in an industrial setting. He also has been a researcher into Systems and Software Engineering tools, processes and methodologies at a major industrial research center. Currently he is working as a Principle Systems Engineer engaged in Systems Engineering Process Improvement. He is the administrator for many Internet Email lists on Philosophy and Systems Theory including the Autopoiesis list hosted at yahoogroups.com.

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